Before each showing

It is very important that your house looks its best when it is shown. We are aware that it cannot be completely perfect: after all, you and your family are living in the house too. But you should develop a routine for picking up and be prepared to show the house in a short amount of time.


This means that there are a few things you must do before every show we do to buyers. Here we give you some useful tips.


Before each visit ...


Tidy up every room - Check stairs, hallways, bookshelves, and floors. Pick up or throw out magazines, newspapers, letters, toys, clothing, sporting goods, plates, and glasses.


Turn on the lights - You must turn on the lights, including those in the closets and cellars. The lights have a great ability to create the illusion of freshness and spaciousness.


Open the curtains and blinds - Do whatever you have to do to create a bright and airy environment. In the bedrooms, make the beds as spotless as possible early in the morning and try to make them look inviting by adding some throw pillows. This is something you should do before clients come to see the house.


Kitchen - Make sure all kitchen furniture is uncluttered and spotlessly clean. Clean all electrical appliances. Make sure the dishes are clean and put away. The sink must be clean and dry.


Fresh air - Keep air deodorizers in all closets, bathrooms, and kitchen. Be especially careful to keep the kitchen smelling fresh as well as the bathrooms. If you have a pet, take care that there is no smell of animals when entering your house. The smell of fresh coffee or some baking cake gives your home a pleasant and lasting feeling.


Music - Maybe you can't have a cake baking every time they come to see the house but having soft and pleasant music always has a very positive effect.


Freshness - If it is hot, it is very important that you keep the windows open so that the air circulates and refreshes the house. If you have ceiling fans, turn them on to add an extra breeze to the room. If the house has air conditioning, turn it on if necessary.


Bathrooms - Keep a clean, nice-looking set of towels in each bathroom, so you can change them immediately each time buyers visit the house.


Main entrance - It's the first impression buyers will have of your home, so make sure it's a good one. Check it regularly to make sure it is in excellent condition.